The Shadow Warrior

The Shadow Warrior, by former Black Belt magazine columnist Darryl Caldwell, sheds light on the real ninja art and culture as seen from the eyes of one of its early American practitioners. It highlights the author's tutelage in Togakure ryu ninjutsu. Surviving the bruises, flashing blades, and dizzying shifts in mental outlook, Caldwell emerged as one of the first black belt teachers outside of Japan. His book takes the reader on a wild ride into the modern day ninja dojo.

Darryl Caldwell lived as a renaissance man. His love for the martial arts started early. His warrior pilgrimage led him to the world of Ninja martial arts, as taught by Stephen Hayes and Masaaki Hatsumi. During the 1980s, while writing the popular Shadow Warrior column, he traveled North America teaching Ninjutsu seminars. His life, training, and writing are widely regarded as inspiring and thought-provoking. Darryl passed away in 2016. Copyright 2009, 2021. All rights reserved.

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