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Reviews of "Ninjutsu Training Manual" by Duncan Stewart

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Charles Mok
24 September 2023
Received my copy and it is fantastic! Kudos to Duncan Stewart for presenting an original approach to presenting the art. What better way than to see it from the eyes of a child? It is obvious how hard they work and the quality of instruction they receive. Thank you for sharing this information with the community!


Yoshi Mills
28 September 2023
“The Ninjutsu Training Manual” by Duncan Stewart is a visually impressive masterpiece that has left a lasting impression on me. The book is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone interested in the world of ninjutsu. It begins with a thorough coverage of etiquette, setting the tone for the training that follows.
What sets this book apart is its landscape format, which, though unconventional, greatly enhances the visual experience. The imagery is not only excellent but also plays a pivotal role in conveying the fundamental stances and techniques. The book’s layout allows for a deep dive into the art of ninjutsu, with a focus on practicality.
It’s evident that a tremendous amount of effort and care went into creating this manual. The visual aids are a testament to the dedication and precision that Duncan Stewart and Bujinkan Tasmania Dojo put into this work. What’s truly remarkable is how these visuals make the complex world of ninjutsu accessible. They reduce the need for extensive written explanations, making the material easy to grasp.
In a world where information can be overwhelming, “The Ninjutsu Training Manual” stands out as a concise yet comprehensive guide. I commend Duncan Stewart and the Bujinkan Tasmania Dojo for their dedication to preserving and sharing this ancient art. This book is not just appreciated; it’s a valuable asset for both beginners and experienced practitioners. If you’re passionate about ninjutsu, this manual is a must-have for your collection.
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Yannick Castellino
30 September 2023
Just received yesterday, going back from work, it was very fast.
My children already love it!
Great quality of printing, and inspiring pictures.
Thanks for this wonderful book.


Lance Kumm
1 October 2023
I started training in my 20's. If I had this book back then training would have been a lot easier. I always practiced at home but worried "was I practicing correctly". This book has techniques I never was taught until my Dan ranks. The illustrations are spot on and the book is easy to follow.


Mats Carlsson
8 October 2023
I recently received a copy of the "Ninjutsu Training Manual" by Duncan Stewart and my first impressions are great! The book consists of a comprehensive overview of the Bujinkan fundamentals packaged in a beautiful format with many high-quality and educational photos. Furthermore, the layout and structure of it are very clear and to the point. The people I've shown the book to confirm that it can serve as an inspiration for youths and adults alike!


Shannon Mcdowell
8 October 2023
Duncan Stewart's "The Ninjutsu Training Manual" is a superb resource for instructors aiming to introduce children to the captivating world of Ninjutsu. Stewart's remarkable ability to communicate complex concepts with clarity, combined with the book's excellent visuals, creates an engaging and accessible experience for young readers and their mentors alike.
The manual's natural progression, starting with fundamental principles and gradually advancing to more intricate techniques, allows learners to build their skills organically. Beyond teaching martial arts, this book places a strong emphasis on values like discipline, respect, and self-control, nurturing character development in young practitioners.
With its detailed illustrations ensuring safe and effective practice, along with inspiring anecdotes, "The Ninjutsu Training Manual" not only equips children with self-defense skills but also empowers them with confidence, focus, and resilience. Duncan Stewart's passion for Ninjutsu shines brightly in this book, making it an essential read for those seeking to guide young individuals on their ninja journey.


David Sumsion
13 October 2023
Just received my book yesterday. Congratulations, it is brilliant. Everyone involved with this Martial Art should have a copy. Definitely the best training manual I have seen. Perfect for beginners. Good for you, Duncan Stewart and good for the rest of us. The kids did an amazing job and should be very proud of themselves.


Lee Smith
16 October 2023
Received my copies of this amazing book today and took it to my kids class for them to see. They loved seeing kids just like them doing the techniques.
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